Willy Mathes – Editor, Writing Coach & Consultant


I facilitate writers in getting their most authentic writing voice onto the page – along the way, my attention is on skillfully streamlining the entire manuscript to make it as reader-friendly as possible, thereby dramatically improving its ability to meet the highest professional publishing standards. 

I offer each client a personal, in-depth and customized approach to book editing and/or writing coaching.

During my years as a college professor (teaching English and Psychology), I assisted thousands of adults in their developing and refining both keen writing skills (writing both fiction and non-fiction) and a greater sense of themselves. Since becoming a freelance book editor over seventeen years ago, working with authors from a wide range of writing backgrounds, it's clear to me the best gift I have to offer clients is my intuitive sense of the 'original intentions' they have for their writings. I use this 'sixth sense' to facilitate each client's getting his or her intended, authentic voice onto the page.

I offer each of my clients honest, constructive, meticulous feedback, which can be especially helpful to writers readying their work for submission to agents or publishers, or to those who want to take their writing to "the next level."

Given today's competitive market and the sheer volume of manuscripts being submitted, most literary agents and publishers recommend that authors take it upon themselves to hire professional editing services prior to sending in a manuscript, and many require such before accepting him or her as a client. Being familiar with what agents and publishers look for in a manuscript, I can spot the mistakes many writers make, whether they're first-time writers or seasoned, published authors. 

My primary objective is to assist my clients in creating a finished product that is polished, professional and derived from the most authentic "voice" they have to offer, thus putting the odds in their favor when submitting their work to an agent or publisher for consideration.

And there is always that "special ingredient" I look for and work with the author to draw out, something I call the "WOW! Factor"… writing that "WOWs" the reader!

Once a client has a completed, final edited manuscript in hand, I also offer the following services: 

  • Assistance with preparing a compelling, high quality query letter and synopsis to submit to literary agents and book publishers
  • Support in the development of a solid, persuasive book proposal to submit to those literary agents and book publishers who ask for such
  • Consultation about developing high-powered, results-oriented marketing plans, book launching websites, newsletters, blogs & blog-posts, twitter-feeds, press releases and other publicity campaign strategies to increase exposure, generate buzz and drive more readers to buy your book or professional services and/or products