Success Stories

I am a results-oriented editor, whether focusing on a book manuscript, blog-post or web-copy. I’ve helped numerous writers successfully publish, win national book awards, get top literary agents to represent them, and persuade America’s best publishing houses to publish their books. I’ve also worked with bloggers to get their posts published on national and international blogs, as well as assisted in the streamlining and upgrading of a wide range of websites.


Client successes include:

  • Dixie Distler's The Life and Times of Bob Cratchit was named One of the Best Indie Books of 2015 by Kirkus Reviews, one of the U.S.'s 3 most distinguished book reviewers (along with the New York Times Book Review and Midwest Book Review).
  • Valerie Gangas's Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman's Guide to a Magical Life garnered Amazon Books’ title of “Best New Release” in the “New Thought” genre, and her blog recently crested the 25,000 followers mark.
  • The world rights to Sejal Ramani's The Journey Home and a second book were sold at auction to renowned New York publishing house Putnam. This debut novel spans three generations of Eastern Indian women from the early 20th century to the present, and is based upon the author's grandmother's own story.
  • Greta Gleissner sold her book, From Rockette to Rock Bottom: The Dance of Bulimia, to Seal Press, an imprint of Perseus Book Group, the world's largest independent book publisher.
  • Tina Coluccio obtained representation by the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency-one of the west coast's top literary agencies-for her book, The Gift of Spirit. She then had it published by Turning Stone Press.
  • Bari Lyman sold her manuscript, Meet to Marry, to HCI Books, publishers of the mega-bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and it is has been praised by Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People: "Meet to Marry correctly identifies what we need to be looking for in a relationship. Smart, principled and engaging, this book works."
  • Jim Wawro has had two writing successes with the same story: one, his story The Best Wine Ever, was published in the December 2011 edition of Wine Enthusiast magazine; and two, Jim published the original (longer) version of the same story on Kindle as an e-Book (available at
  • Debbie Happy Cohen completed and released her latest book, IMAGINE Your Life in Full Color: 12 Ways to Use Art in Your Mind to Supercharge Your Goals and Empower Your Dreams. Her book is available at as a Kindle e-Book.

Testimonials from Clients

"As a first-time author, I feel extremely fortunate to have found Willy Mathes. His services extend well beyond editorial talents, as he takes time to understand my strengths and weaknesses to better coach me into bringing forward the very best story I can tell, as well as the way I most want to tell it. Willy helped me find that story’s energy within me, which ultimately breathed new life into my words. His vocabulary is phenomenal and his understanding of the art of writing is masterful. I highly recommend Willy Mathes to the novice and the professional alike.
– Dixie Distler, Author of The Life & Times of Bob Cratchit – Named Best Indie Book of 2015 by Kirkus Reviews

"What can I say? Without Willy Mathes, there would be no Enlightenment Is Sexy… book, website or blog-posts. He is a writing wizard with magical powers. I feel blessed to have worked with him."
— Valerie Gangas, Author of Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life

"Willy has been my editor for all three of the books I’ve published. He has an excellent eye for the technical and grammatical side of editing, but he’s also a master at knowing what the reader needs—that is, how to make the book a more compelling, streamlined, reader-friendly work.

And while I highly recommend his editing skills, he has also coached me in the process of writing and developing these books. As a coach, he consistently used his keen eye and insightful expertise to show me how to make best use of my strengths, while also giving me tools to create my best work. I also appreciate his always encouraging me to stick with my personal and professional goals. Willy Mathes is a book editor and writing coach extraordinaire.”
— Rev. Cathy Haven-Howard, Author of Get Your Love On: How to Increase the Power of Love in Your Life; Living the Truth of Who You Really Are; and Spirit Expression for Everyone: A Guide for Living a Soul-driven Life

“Hi, John,

Just a note of thanks for steering me in the direction of Willy Mathes, who has been so helpful in editing my new book. His approach of rewriting the problem passages himself (and sending them back to me for review and revision, if necessary) has been much more effective than identifying what's wrong and telling me to rewrite the passages. He has a gentle approach to criticism, a superb command of the written word and knows how to make virtually any material compelling. Willy has been a great find for me. Thanks!

— Jim Wawro, J.D., Author of Awakening Counsel; Ask Your Inner Voice; and The Best Wine Ever

"Willy put his heart and soul into editing my book Empathic Exit: Physician-Assisted Suicide. Since English is not my native language, I asked Willy to do more than just simple editing; that is, to "fix"" my sentences in such way that my message should come out loud and clear. He was able to preserve my originality, while fine-tuning my voice. I do not believe for a second that anyone else would have ever done a better job."
– Viorel Verka, M.D., M.B.A.

Dear Willy,

When I first wrote Double Identity, I was sure I had a real good story. After about fifty rejections, I re-wrote it, then re-wrote it again, and then had it critiqued (for a fee) by a publisher’s representative. The feedback was very valuable. I was told that my work was “publishable” and that I had a gift for language and especially for dialogue. I was greatly encouraged. However, another 50 rejections put a damper on my enthusiasm.

My purpose for writing this letter is to thank you. Your editing work has been exactly what Double Identity needed. And your expert coaching is exactly what I needed. With your guidance and encouragement, I have broken the rejection cycle, and finally gotten my manuscript published! (go to : Double Identity by Charley Webb – my “pen name”)

Anyone who has written or is writing can ill afford not to have your professional guidance.

Warm Personal Regards,
Chuck Wilcox

I am writing this letter to acknowledge Will Mathes for the work he did in editing my book, Reach Your Stars (Bee Happy Publishing). This book would not be what it is without Will's having put his heart and soul and many long hours into it, especially in terms of its organization and capturing the intent I originally had for it. His attention to detail, the sense of "flow," and the overall "shine" of the manuscript was superb. I highly recommend Will Mathes to anyone seeking a superlative editor who shows care for both preserving the author's voice and bringing out the very best in the work.

Debbie Happy Cohen, Author Reach Your Stars: A Guide to Fulfill Your Dreams, Not Someday, But NOW!

Aside from his top-notch editing abilities, one of the main reasons I retained Willy was his extensive knowledge and experience with spiritual subjects. Telepathy and remote viewing play major roles in the plot. Willy was familiar with these and other mystic skills, which was instrumental in bringing Mystic Warrior to its fullest expression. Willy is currently editing a non-fiction manuscript for me. 
–Edwin Harkness Spina, author of Mystic Warrior

Willy Mathes gave an added spark of life to Celestial Symbols of the Soul. I would not think of publishing any work without Willy's editorial flair, to ensure that only the best comes forward." 
–Mary DeAmbrose, Co-Author of Celestial Symbols of the Soul

"Willy's editing of my manuscript made it so much more understandable and accessible to the reader. I deeply appreciate what he did for my book."
–Rose Bilal, Author of Don't Blame The Road

"I couldn't have done this without you, Willy. Thanks for your excellent work!"
–Gary Harpst, Author of Six Disciplines For Excellence and Six Disciplines Execution Revolution

"Thanks for all of your effort putting my manuscript into shape!"
–L.W. Elston, Author of The Conversion of Nathan Poole

"Your work was superlative! Thanks, again, Willy."
–Thomas J. Routt, Author of Quantum Computing